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Can Gynecology be Comfortable?
We think so.

At Brown and McCool, we know every woman is unique.  That’s why we specialize in individualized medicine for women of all ages.   We want you to feel comfortable when you walk through our doors.    We pursue revolutionary treatments, like robotic- assisted laparoscopy, that produce less scarring and faster recovery.  Whether you’re here for general gynecology, menopause and menstrual issues, or vaginal support loss, bladder control, and fecal incontinence, we hope to make your path to health a comfortable one.   For a faster, more convenient way to manage your visits with us, sign up with our new Patient Portal.


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Your time is important to you.  We get that.  That’s why doctors at Brown and McCool want to help make your life easier through our new patient portal system.  We know that the internet will never take the place of a live doctor.  But with patient portal, you can manage several aspects of your healthcare at your fingertips.

You no longer have to call our office to set, cancel, or change your appointments.  Just enroll in our patient portal, and you can manage your appointments online.

Tired of leaving messages for your doctor to secure a refill?  Register with patient portal, and request your refills online.

From insurance changes to yearly updates, paperwork is a common phenomenon for every doctor’s office.  Now, you can fill out necessary forms online through patient portal.

We all have a few questions we’d like to run past a doctor.  Although we cannot diagnose online, we’d be happy to answer general, non-medical questions through patient portal. 

Some patients may not be familiar with our new patient portal.  Help us spread the good news, and share the convenience of our new system!


What is a Urogynecologist?
By Dr. Robert Brown

Urinary incontinence affects 18 million women in the United States and costs the country more than 20 billion dollars in pads, diapers, and other management strategies. 



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